Less Money in the bank?

Do you ever think about how nice it would be to save more money? Or to spend less money? Or both? Think about how your life would be if you had thousands — or even millions — of dollars in savings.

What kind of freedom would that offer you? How would that change your outlook on your job? How would that change your ability to help others?

What would you do if you were truly financially free due to a massive savings account balance? How would that change your career path? Would it help you be able to consider some dream careers?

we are going to share a list of many different ways you can save money. Some involve learning to spend less. Some involve hidden tricks to saving more. Both get you the same result: more money in the bank.

Interested? Let’s go!

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MoneysaverSA Stockvel is founded on democratically aligned objectives & Principles that are mandated to assist members in creating wealth through investment in property, franchises and diversifying their portfolio to other business industries.

The Stokvel is founded by Nic and administrated by Prospect Asset Management (PTY) LTD that helped to form a structure out of the club members, who shall assist in the decision making of the club.

The MoneysaverSA is guided by its constitution, laws, code of conduct, regulations, and policies. The constitution covers the framework within the MSA Club on how it operates; with the Administrator seeing the day to day operations of the MSA Club. The MoneysaverSA Club Constitution, laws, code of conduct, regulations, and policies are reviewed and changed through voting of members.Mission

Our vision is to empower people who are serious about creating wealth, investing in the long term and who value-wise investment guidance to create wealth and in doing so, create a future for all our members and the next generation.

We strive to benefit our members with opportunities, not only by creating wealth through Property and franchise but also the opportunity to own their own homes.

Our investments are structured differently based on your financial muscles, we are able to provide great returns and we are confident that our investments will perform over and over again

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