If its free,its not Money.

If it’s free, it’s not money. It’s a tool for controlling you in some way or another. Your attention is valuable, your labor is valuable and your time is valuable.
Monetary inflation is mass time theft. It’s a bottomless void. The US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. The world prices oil in US dollars per barrel. Whenever dollars are being brrr’d into being, products made from oil get more expensive.

When the purchasing power of the dollar drops, we all pay. You can’t make plastics without oil, and plastics are everywhere. Planetary-scale mass time theft finances the American stimulus checks. We all pay, whether we’re aware of it or not. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Nor is there something as a free government handout.
There’s no free social media platform or a free shitcoin airdrop. They all come at a price, even though it can be hard to realize who’s paying for what.
We live in an era where Keynesian economic thinking is everywhere. Interventionism is the norm and no economy is sound. Not in the true sense of the word. It has been like this for quite some time and all the earth’s economies are skewed.

Shitcoin free airdrop

People complain about wealth gaps but still vote for policies that exclude them. Big finance plays by their own rulebook and it’s getting worse over time. Prices are kept artificially high even though production costs approach zero. Digital products have always been free to copy.
Still, software companies find ways to charge us for them. Either by subscription fees, ads, or by collecting data about us. The internet should have changed everything and in many ways it did. But the companies that run the show today still operate under broken rules. Rules of an outdated economic paradigm.
Technology is inherently deflationary. Every innovation saves humanity time. We produce more with less effort. Our money should reflect this.

Instead, a tiny elite forces us to give up a huge chunk of our time to pay for their excesses. It’s time to take matters into our own hands, and the tools we need are at our disposal already.

Don’t keep all of your eggs in the same basket!

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