Dont keep all in 1 Basket

This is one of the most common pieces of financial advice you’ll hear throughout your life. This usually refers to diversifying your portfolio.
But what if you noticed that all but one basket were broken? That they were all leaking egg yolk through cracks and holes? Eggs are fragile, even golden ones. Bitcoin is not a golden goose. You still have to trade your time and effort for eggs. But Bitcoin can provide you with an ironclad, bullet-proof basket and coat your eggs with gold.

If the money you’re using gets devalued over time, it doesn’t matter how diversified your portfolio is. If your fuel tank is leaking you’ll need to refuel a lot more often. Don’t think that old clichés will do you any good when the money itself is broken.

There’s only one way out of hyperinflation. That way is through hyperbitcoinization. Personal hyperbitcoinization. It begins with you and me. We’re the ones being manipulated and we’re the ones that ought to escape. Take a leap of faith.

Faith in mathematics and the belief that people will act in their own self-interest. A leap of reason would be a more accurate term:

The Bitcoin Black Hole Effect Cover Image”

Bitcoin is anything but free. It’s hard to buy them without paying more than the market price at the time of buying. The network itself has an in-built fee system for prioritizing transactions. But there’s more to it than that. Exchanges have their own fees, so do Bitcoin ATMs.

Many services require you to give up some personal information. Bitcoin trades are taxable events in most countries. The list of extra costs goes on. Few realize that this is a good thing though. All the extra costs involved are a testament to the immense value of the network. Bitcoins are expensive to produce, expensive to store.

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