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If its free,its not Money.

If it’s free, it’s not money. It’s a tool for controlling you in some way or another. Your attention is valuable, your labor is valuable and your time is valuable.
Monetary inflation is mass time theft. It’s a bottomless void. The US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. The world prices oil in US dollars per barrel. Whenever dollars are being brrr’d into being, products made from oil get more expensive.
When the purchasing power of the dollar drops, we all pay. You can’t make plastics without oil, and plastics are everywhere. Planetary-scale mass time theft finances the American stimulus checks. We all pay, whether we’re aware of it or not. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Nor is there something as a free government handout.
There’s no free social media platform or a free shitcoin airdrop. They all come at a price, even though it can be hard to realize who’s paying for what.
We live in an era where Keynesian economic thinking is everywhere. Interventionism is the norm and no economy is sound. Not in the true sense of the word. It has been like this for quite some time and all the earth’s economies are skewed.
Shitcoin free airdrop
People complain about wealth gaps but still vote for policies that exclude them. Big finance plays by their own rulebook and it’s getting worse over time. Prices are kept artificially high even though production costs approach zero. Digital products have always been free to copy.
Still, software companies find ways to charge us for them. Either by subscription fees, ads, or by collecting data about us. The internet should have changed everything and in many ways it did. But the companies that run the show today still operate under broken rules. Rules of an outdated economic paradigm.
Technology is inherently deflationary. Every innovation saves humanity time. We produce more with less effort. Our money should reflect this.
Instead, a tiny elite forces us to give up a huge chunk of our time to pay for their excesses. It’s time to take matters into our own hands, and the tools we need are at our disposal already.
Don’t keep all of your eggs in the same basket!

Dont keep all in 1 Basket

This is one of the most common pieces of financial advice you’ll hear throughout your life. This usually refers to diversifying your portfolio.
But what if you noticed that all but one basket were broken? That they were all leaking egg yolk through cracks and holes? Eggs are fragile, even golden ones. Bitcoin is not a golden goose. You still have to trade your time and effort for eggs. But Bitcoin can provide you with an ironclad, bullet-proof basket and coat your eggs with gold.
If the money you’re using gets devalued over time, it doesn’t matter how diversified your portfolio is. If your fuel tank is leaking you’ll need to refuel a lot more often. Don’t think that old clichés will do you any good when the money itself is broken.
There’s only one way out of hyperinflation. That way is through hyperbitcoinization. Personal hyperbitcoinization. It begins with you and me. We’re the ones being manipulated and we’re the ones that ought to escape. Take a leap of faith.
Faith in mathematics and the belief that people will act in their own self-interest. A leap of reason would be a more accurate term:
The Bitcoin Black Hole Effect Cover Image”
Bitcoin is anything but free. It’s hard to buy them without paying more than the market price at the time of buying. The network itself has an in-built fee system for prioritizing transactions. But there’s more to it than that. Exchanges have their own fees, so do Bitcoin ATMs.
Many services require you to give up some personal information. Bitcoin trades are taxable events in most countries. The list of extra costs goes on. Few realize that this is a good thing though. All the extra costs involved are a testament to the immense value of the network. Bitcoins are expensive to produce, expensive to store.

What moves the stocks?

It is difficult to identify specific factors that influence the market as a whole. The stock market is a complex, interrelated system of large and small investors making uncoordinated decisions about a huge variety of investments. “The market,” so to speak, is not a living entity. Instead, it is just shorthand for the collective values of individual companies.
There are basic economic principles that can help explain any up and down market movements, and with experience and data, there are more specific indicators market experts have identified as being significant.
The Basics: Supply and Demand
In a market economy, any price movement can be explained by a temporary difference between what providers are supplying and what consumers are demanding. This is why economists say that markets tend towards equilibrium, where supply equals demand. This is how it works with stocks; supply is the amount of shares people want to sell, and demand is the amount of shares people want to purchase.
If there is a greater number of buyers than sellers (more demand), the buyers bid up the prices of the stocks to entice sellers to get rid of them. Conversely, a larger number of sellers bids down the price of stocks hoping to entice buyers to purchase.
Individually, security instruments like stocks and bonds are dependent on the performance of the issuing entity (business or government) and the likelihood the entity will be valued more highly in the future (stocks) or be able to repay its debts (bonds).
Widely Accepted Market Indicators
This begs a new question: What creates more buyers or more sellers?
Confidence in the stability of future investments plays a significant role in whether markets go up or down. Investors are more likely to purchase stocks if they are convinced their shares will increase in value in the future. If, however, there is a reason to believe that shares will perform poorly, there are often more investors looking to sell than to buy. Events that affect investor confidence include:
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Our Journey in the past has been driven with turns of obstacles until we have reached our goal to spend a lot of time considering the investment landscape and this is where we share our views with you. Along with original research, we engage continuously with our peers, regulators and leading thinkers to deliver timely local and global insights to our investors. Our journey taught us to see things differently, to recognise and embrace change and uncertainty,   its who we are .   As an active investment firm, we are committed to the benefits of specialisation, believing that great investments come from bold and well tested ideas. Being active drives our intent and how we adapt to a world of change. It enables us to think long term, providing space to be patient  and the chance to invest in a better future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Change Makes Us Resilient

Where do you think MoneysaverSA  generates Money to Pay its Clients? As we stated earlier that we think long term & provide space to be patient, MoneysaverSA itself its an entity of Investments whose Portfolio held in different institutions such as Absa, Allan Gray Coronation & Easyequities .We are the team of investors in stocks,forex and Cryptocurriencies whose Profits are shared and measured carefully among our members or investors. We understand that there are people out there who would like to have a such a quick money in short period of which this can not be attainable on other investment platforms .MoneysaverSA makes everything easy and simple.  Learn more about stocks here   and follow us on our Youtube

When we started our firm in 2017, it was our founding belief that active management can be a force for good; that when change comes,good or bad ,it will not be necessary to hope for weaknesses but with our diverse range of investment management solutions it will be very promising. We all have different reasons why we want to grow our money and different preferences for how we want to do it.  To help you meet your goals and dreams, while still enjoying the lifestyle you want today, MoneysaverSA Offer a wide range of investment products that accommodate different investor risk and return preferences. Invest today and see the difference.